Mandatory Commercial Recycling Bill (AB341)

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What is AB 341?

The State of California passed Assembly Bill 341, requiring mandatory commercial recycling, starting July 1, 2012. Commercial businesses and Multi-family complexes that are affected must either source separate trash from recyclables on-site or co-mingle trash and recyclables in one container and let Valley Vista Services do all the dirty work.

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Who is affected?

State law now requires all businesses that generate 4 or more cubic yards of waste weekly and Multi-family properties of 5 units or more to recycle. With the new Assembly Bill requiring mandatory recycling Valley Vista Services (VVS) Co-mingled Trash and Recycling Program is the perfect solution.

VVS Co-mingled Trash and Recycling Program

Recycling may provide opportunities for your business to save money. Recycling helps conserve resources and extends the life of California’s landfills. It also helps cerate a healthy environment for our community and future generations.

Let Valley Vista Services do all the dirty work by sorting your waste for you. Valley Vista Services owns and operates a state of the art, fully permitted transfer station and material recovery facility. This facility offers easy transport and source separation on-site to guarantee maximum diversion. No additional bins are required; trash and recyclables are co-mingled in one bin to save you time and space. There is also no need to continually train and monitor new and existing employees and customers, because, in order to avoid contaminating recyclables and incurring extra charges, trash and recyclables are placed in one bin.

How are your affected?

If your business or multi-family complex falls under the new AB 341 a Valley Vista Services Green Team Commercial Recycling representative will be contacting you shortly. Under the new Bill it is required that VVS visit your site, at least once every two years, to offer any assistance you may need and to help you comply with the new state law.

Contact Valley Vista Services at 800-442-6454 for more information.

For more information on AB341, please visit the CalRecycle Mandatory Commercial Recycling website or for the full bill with analysis and history; please visit the California Legislative Information web site.