Mandatory Organics Recycling Law AB1826

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What is AB1826?

The State of California passed the Mandatory Organics Recycling Law AB1826 (effective April 1, 2016) to reduce the amount of compostable materials sent to the landfills. AB 1826 phases in requirements for businesses that generate specified amounts of organic waste, per week, to arrange recycling services for that material. Valley Vista Services Commercial Organic Waste Recycling Program was created for those generators that either meet the requirements of mandatory organics recycling (AB1826), or those generators that choose to opt into a source separated organics recycling program.

Phase Date Compliance Threshold (Cubic Yards Generated Weekly)
1 April 1, 2016 8 (Organic Waste)
2 January 1, 2017 4 (Organic Waste)
3 January 1, 2019 4 (Commercial Solid Waste)

More details can be found at the CalRecycle website. 


Three Steps to Compliance

In order to stay in compliance with the State, Valley Vista Services offers it's required commercial customers an extensive organic waste recycling program that can be set up in 3 easy steps. 

Step 1

Contact Valley Vista Services and Set-Up Collection for Organic Recycling

Valley Vista Services will provide you 3 cubic yard organic recycling plastic bins and/or 96 gallon organic recycling plastic automated containers (depending upon access and space requirements). The type and amount of organic recycling bins/containers you request must accommodate the quantity of food generated by your company’s employees and customers per week. With this additional organic recycling bin/container, your current trash service frequency and bin size can be adjusted to accommodate your needs.


Ensure Proper Separation On-Site

Discarded food and small quantities of paper products must be kept separate from trash and placed in the designated organic recycling bin/container. Examples of items that must be placed in the organic recycling bin/container include food prep trimmings, spoiled or contaminated food as well as small quantities of paper towels, napkins and paper plates. Organic recycling bins/containers must be free of contamination such as non-compostable plastic and paper products.


Provide Employees with Training and Information

To ensure that the organic waste recycling program succeeds, Valley Vista Services (VVS) will work closely with you to help train and educate your employees. After you demonstrate an interest in adopting the organic waste recycling program, VVS can send an organic recycling staff member to meet you and your employees on-site, providing outreach materials, technical assistance and on-site training of personnel. The VVS recycling staff can assist you in identifying the source of food-waste generation, the ideal locations of food collection containers and the process by which to deposit the food-waste into the organic receptacle.

Contact Valley Vista Services at 626-855-5539 for more information.