Residential Waste Collection

We offer Waste service tailored to suit the way you live your life. Waste collection is probably the last thing that most people think about. That doesn't mean that people aren't concerned with the way their waste is picked up. Nobody wants to see waste spilled all over his or her neighborhood or collection trucks being driven recklessly.

At Valley Vista services we share the same concerns as you do. We work very hard to have the cleanest, most professional, and safest collection crews in the business. We pride ourselves on being good neighbors.

Residential Barrel Service

In order to better serve you, we offer two different sizes of waste containers. Our smaller 70 gallon barrel is designed for those of you who don't want to lug around the larger, heavier barrels. Our 90 gallon barrel is designed to be easy to move, yet able to haul all of your waste quickly and easily. Just fill the barrels up and leave them by the curb on your collection day, we will take care of the rest.