Recycle for Rewards Challenge

Curbside Recycling Rewards Challenge for Bassett, Valinda and South San Jose Hills Residents

Do you separate out your trash from your recyclables and green waste every week? Enter into our challenge and you could win a $200 service credit to your account. 

VVS will select a random entry every month for a chance to win a $200 service credit if one can show that their recyclables, green waste and trash are separated in the right cart. VVS will then inspect the entrant’s trash, recycling and green waste carts before they are serviced. The inspections will consist of VVS staff physically reviewing the contents, curbside, of each cart. If the requirements are met, then VVS will notify the winning entrant. Residents can submit their entry form any time. Only one entry and one winner per household and all entries are valid for the full 12 month period beginning April 2017. The winners will be posted in the quarterly newsletter.

How to Participate

  • Read the official rules below.
  • Fill out entry form below
  • Keep trash out of your recycling and green waste carts. A list of accepted items is located here.

Official Rules

  • Residents from Bassett, Valinda and South San Jose Hills can fill out a contest entry form
  • The entry form is good from April 2017 to May 2018.
  • Curbside recycling reward program will start April 2017 and end May 2018.
  • Residents can fax (626) 961-1105, mail 17445 E. Railroad Street, City of Industry, CA 91745 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. entry from.
  • By submitting an entry form the resident authorizes Valley Vista Services (VVS) to inspect their carts and post their names in our quarterly newsletter if the entrant has won.
  • Only one entry and one winner per household per year.
  • Each month a random entry will be selected by VVS.
  • The Route Supervisor will then inspect all barrels of the chosen entrant every week, after they are set out before they are serviced.
  • The inspection consists of reviewing the contents of the entrants green waste, trash and recycling curbside carts.
  • If all recyclables, green waste and waste are separated into their correct barrels for the entire month, VVS will notify the resident that they won for the month.
  • The prize is $200 service credit to their account.
  • The winner will be posted in the quarterly newsletter.
  • If the entrant has not complied with the rules then another entrant will be chosen and the process will start over until a compliant entrant is selected.
  • Non-compliant entrants are left a non-collection notice identifying issue with the material placement and will be re-entered into contest.

Recycle for Rewards Challenge Entry Form

Your Information

I have read and agree to the Recycle for Rewards Challenge's Official Rules.

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